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What is a 2-Tier Affiliate Program?
A 2-tier or two-tier affiliate program is an affiliate program that pays affiliates on two levels. The first level pays commission for referrals by the affiliate. The second level pays a percentage of the business generated by sub-affiliates that the affiliate referred to the program.
What is 404 File Not Found?
404 file not found is an error message displayed when a browser can't find the page requested. Caused by mistyping a site address in the browser window or clicking a broken link.
What is 7Search?
7Search is a pay per click search engine advertising and affiliate network.

  • Provides advertiser results for over 2 billion searches per month;
  • Has been used by over 40,000 advertisers so far; and
  • Pays out over $800,000 each month to its partners and affiliates.