Definitions: H

What is HCI?
HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) is the study of how humans interact with computer systems.
What is a Header?
A header is the beginning of an email that contains information about the email itself; 'To' and 'From' addresses, date sent, subject, etc. A header is also used to refer to the top of a Web page.
What is a Hidden Link?
A hidden link is an invisible link. Usually used by search engine optimizers to add a link from a home page or site map to doorway and hallway pages, so that search engines can crawl and index them, while keeping the link invisible to human visitors.
What is a Hit?
A hit is the request of a single file, such as an HTML file, image, audio file, or other file type, from a Web server.
What is a Homepage?
A homepage is the main entry page of a Web site.
What are House Ads ?
House ads are self promotional ads that replace unsold ad inventory.
What is HTML?
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the most popular language used to write Web pages on the Web. HTML Web pages usually have the extension .htm, .html, or .shtml.
What is a HTML Banner?
A HTML banner is a banner ad that include HTML elements, such as interactive forms or pull-down menus.
What is HTML Email?
HTML email is an email that are formatted using HTML.
What is HTTP?
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used by Web servers to deliver and receive information. Used to exchange text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files on the Web. All Web page addresses start with 'http', although its use is often optional.
What is HTTPS?
HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a secure extension of HTTP. This extension securely encrypts and decrypts Web page requests. Whenever you pay for goods using a credit card on the Internet, HTTPS will be used to ensure your credit card details are secure.
What is Human Factors?
Human Factors is the study of how humans behave psychologically and physically in relation to particular products, services, or environments.
What is Hybrid Pricing?
Hybrid pricing is the pricing model based on a combination of a CPM (cost per impressions) pricing model and a performance based pricing model.
What is Hypermedia?
Hypermedia is an extension of the hypertext, such as the World Wide Web, to include links to pictures, sound, video, and virtual reality.
What is Hypertext?
Hypertext is a system of organizing information that enables the text to be linked in different ways. The World Wide Web is hypertext, since it is nothing more than an enormous amount of information content connected by an enormous number of hypertext links.