Definitions: L

What is a LAN?
A LAN (Local Area Network) is a group of computers that share a common communications line and resources of a server within a small geographic area.
What is a Link?
A link or hyperlink is a clickable connection from one word, picture, or information object to another.
What is a Link Checker?
A link checker is a software program or online service used to check for broken links in a site.
What is Link Popularity?
Link popularity is a measure of a site's popularity by the number and quality of links linking to a site.
What is Link Rot?
Link rot is the links to pages that used to work, but no longer work, because the page has moved or been deleted altogether.
What is Link Text?
Link text is the text contained within a link.
What is Linux?
Linux is a free or very low-cost operating system that is similar to the more expensive UNIX system.
What is a List Server?
A list server is a program that manages email mailing lists and distributes new messages, newsletters, or other postings from the list's members to the entire list of subscribers.
What is a Log File?
A log file contains records of all the requests for individual files that have been requested from a Web site.
What is a Login?
A login is the process of gaining access to a service by identifying yourself, typically with a username and password.
What is a Long Domain Name?
A long domain name is a domain name that contains more than 26 characters. A limit of 67 characters, including the extension (.com, .net, etc.), is allowed.