Definitions: M

What is M-Commerce?
M-Commerce or mcommerce (mobile commerce) is business transactions conducted via a mobile device, such as a WAP enabled phone.
What is a Mail Server?
A mail server is a computer on the Internet that provides email services.
What is a Mailing List?
A mailing list is a list of people who receive periodic email on a particular topic, or a discussion forum distributed by email.
What is Manual Submission?
Manual submission is the process of submitting a site to the search engines by hand, as opposed to automated software.
What is MB?
MB (megabyte) is a measure of computer memory. One megabyte is 1,048,576 bytes or 8,388,608 bits.
What is Mbps?
Mbps (megabits per second), in data communications, is the measure of how fast data flows on a given transmission path, such as an Internet connection. Megabits per second is the same as millions of bits per second.
What is a Media Broker?
A media broker is a person or company that brokers ad space between Web site owners and media planners and buyers.
What is a Media Buy?
A media buy the buying of advertising.
What is a Media Buyer?
A media buyer is a person who places advertising orders by requesting proposals and negotiating the final cost.
What is a Media Kit?
A media kit is an information file about a business or product provided to the media.
What is a Media Planner?
A media planner is a person who deals with the planning of ad campaigns.
What is Mega-?
Mega- is a prefix meaning one million (1,000,000).
What is a Megabit?
A megabit, in data communications, is one million (1,000,000) bits.
What is a Merchant?
A merchant is a retailer who agrees to accept credit cards, and have signed an agreement obliging them to meet requirements to do so.
What is a Merchant Account?
A merchant account is an account associated with a merchant. This account holds the money obtained through credit card sales until you transfer it to a different account. A merchant account is necessary for you to process credit cards.
What is a Merchant Agreement?
A merchant agreement is a contract between a merchant and a merchant account provider.
What is Meta Refresh?
Meta refresh is coding on a Web page that automatically redirects a visitor to a new page after a specified number of seconds.
What is a Meta Tag?
A meta tag is a HTML tag in a Web page that describes some aspect of the contents of the Web page.
What is MetaCrawler?
MetaCrawler is a metasearch engine.
What is a Metasearch Engine?
A metasearch engine is a search engine that searches a number of other search engines simultaneously, compile the results, and display them, either by search engine employed, or by clustering them together and eliminating duplicates.
What is a Metaspy Search Engine?
A metaspy search engine is a search engine that gives you a glimpse of what other people are searching for, in real-time.
What is MHz?
MHz (Megahertz) is commonly used to express microprocessor clock speed. Most computers currently in use fall between 200 and 3000 MHz. In comparison, the first IBM PC operated at 4.77Mhz.
What is MID?
MID (Merchant ID) number is a unique number that identifies a merchant for reference and billing purposes.
What is MIME?
MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a system which allows a user to send audio, video, images, application programs, and other non-text information via email.
What is a Mirror Site?
A mirror site is an exact copy of the original site on another Web server in order to reduce network traffic. It is usually updated frequently to ensure that it reflects the content of the original site.
What is a Moderator?
A moderator is a person who presides over an online discussion forum.
What is Moore's Law?
Moore's Law refers to the observation made by Gordon Moore - co-founder of Intel - in 1965 that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubled every year. More recently, the doubling period slowed to 18 months.
What is MOTO?
MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) is a card transaction where a merchant cannot see the card, for example, by telephone, by mail or on the Web. This is also known as a 'card not present' scenario.
What is Mousetrapping?
Mousetrapping is the use of browser tricks in an effort to keep a visitor captive at a site, often by disabling the 'Back' button or repeated popup windows.
What is MPEG?
MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) is a common file format for video files on the Web ending in '.mpeg'.
What is MySQL?
MySQL is a free Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL), the most popular language for adding, accessing and processing data in a database.