Definitions: N

What is NDX?
NDX (Net Delivery Exposure) is the time between when a credit cardholder is charged and when their order is successfully fulfilled.
What is Netiquette?
Netiquette (net etiquette) is etiquette practiced or advocated on the Internet and in emails.
What is a Network?
A network is a group of computers connected together.
What is a News Reader?
A news reader is a program that lets you read RSS feeds, or read and respond to messages in Usenet newsgroups.
What is a News Server?
A news server is a computer that receives, stores, and serves Usenet newsgroup messages.
What is a Newgroup?
A newsgroup is a news discussion on a particular topic that is distributed via Usenet.
What is a Newsletter?
A newsletter (also known as an ezine) is an electronic magazine delivered via email, or published on the Web.