Definitions: R

What is a Rate Card?
A rate card is the pricing information of various advertising options.
What is RDBMS?
RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) is a program that lets you create, update, and administer a relational database - a collection of data stored inside tables.
What is a Reciprocal Link?
A reciprocal link is the exchange of a link between web sites.
What is a Referrer?
A referrer is the URL or site address from which a site visitor came from.
What is a Relationship Manager?
A relationship manager is the bank representative assigned to your account once you've started to process large volumes of transactions. This person is your direct link to the bank.
What is a Repeat Visitor?
A repeat visitor is a unique visitor who accesses a site more than once over a specific time period.
What is a Rich Media Ad?
A rich media ad is an internet ad that contains interactive elements such as video, sound, music, request forms, and games.
What is the Robots Meta Tag?
The robots meta tag allows you to instruct search engine robots whether or not they can index or archive a page, or crawl the links found.
What is Robots.txt File?
The robots.txt file allows you to instruct search engine robots not to crawl or index certain pages, directories, or files on your server.
What is ROI?
ROI (Return On Investment) is the bottom line on how successful a marketing campaign was in terms of returns for the money invested.
What is RON?
RON (Run Of Network) is advertising that is run on some or all ad space across a network of sites.
What is ROS?
ROS (Run Of Site) is advertising that is run on most or all ad space across a single Web site.
What is a Router?
A router is a device or software in a computer that routes packets of data from one network to another.